Speciality 100% Kona Coffee

Product Spotlight |February 21, 2019

Learn About Greenwell Farms’ Specialty Coffees

At Greenwell Farms, our coffees are rich in depth, flavor and history. Chameleon, Jeni K, Mamo and Onouli all have their own unique story to...
100% Kona Coffee

Our Legacy |January 18, 2019

The Story Of Greenwell Farms And 100% Kona Coffee

Our Story Coffee has been part of Kona tradition for centuries, and, today, it's one of Hawaii’s biggest exports. According to USDA reports, Kona coffee...
Coffee Cherries are Rich in Antioxidants

Live Aloha |December 8, 2018

5 Reasons To Incorporate Coffee Cherries Into Your Diet

If you’re focusing on health in the new year, coffee cherries can be a highly beneficial addition to your diet. This bright red fruit, sometimes...

Live Aloha |November 15, 2018

5 Unexpected Ways To Use Coffee Grounds

People love Greenwell Farms coffee for many reasons – its rich flavor, its comforting warmth and, of course, its uplifting effects. However, few know about...
Greenwell Farms Wins Pualu Business Innovation Award

Our Legacy |July 6, 2018

Greenwell Farms Wins Pualu Business Innovation Award

The Pualu Business Innovation Award recognized Greenwell Farms for leadership in the Kona coffee industry. This includes Greenwell's approach to modern farming strategies, innovations in...
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