Kopiko Farms 100% Kona Coffee

Our Legacy |June 19, 2019

Tom Greenwell Spills The Beans On New Premium Kona Coffee Varieties From Kopiko Farms

New Opportunities for Greenwell Farms Greenwell Farms President, Thomas Greenwell, and his cousin Eugene Clapp, along with Eugene’s wife and family, have embarked on a...
100% Kona Coffee Tours in Hawaii

Live Aloha |April 9, 2019

Five Must-do Activities In Kona Hawaii

Hawaii Island is the largest of the 8 main islands that comprise the state of Hawaii. Often referred to as the Big Island (because all...
Speciality 100% Kona Coffee

Product Spotlight |February 21, 2019

Learn About Greenwell Farms’ Specialty Coffees

At Greenwell Farms, our coffees are rich in depth, flavor and history. Chameleon, Jeni K, Mamo and Onouli all have their own unique story to...
100% Kona Coffee

Our Legacy |January 18, 2019

The Story Of Greenwell Farms And 100% Kona Coffee

Our Story Coffee has been part of Kona tradition for centuries, and, today, it's one of Hawaii’s biggest exports. According to USDA reports, Kona coffee...
Coffee Cherries are Rich in Antioxidants

Live Aloha |December 8, 2018

5 Reasons To Incorporate Coffee Cherries Into Your Diet

If you’re focusing on health in the new year, coffee cherries can be a highly beneficial addition to your diet. This bright red fruit, sometimes...
Coffee Grounds

Live Aloha |November 15, 2018

5 Unexpected Ways To Use Coffee Grounds

People love Greenwell Farms coffee for many reasons – its rich flavor, its comforting warmth and, of course, its uplifting effects. However, few know about...
Greenwell Farms Wins Pualu Business Innovation Award

Our Legacy |July 6, 2018

Greenwell Farms Wins Pualu Business Innovation Award

The Pualu Business Innovation Award recognized Greenwell Farms for leadership in the Kona coffee industry. This includes Greenwell's approach to modern farming strategies, innovations in...
Tom and Jennifer Greenwell with donated coffee.

Our Legacy |May 18, 2018

Kilauea Volcano Activity And Greenwell Farms Relief Efforts

Tom and Jennifer Greenwell with donated coffee. Big Island Volcanoes and Affected Areas Many friends and customers have contacted us over...
Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Awards

Our Legacy |March 20, 2018

Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Awards Greenwell Farms Top Honor As Best Agriculture Tourism Destination

Greenwell Named Best Agriculture Tourism Destination Greenwell Farms was named Best Agriculture Tourism Destination in the agritourism category at the 2018 aio Media Hawaii Lodging & Tourism...
Jennifer Greenwell Earns Licensed Q Grader Certification

Behind the Cup |September 8, 2016

Jennifer Greenwell Earns Licensed Q Grader Certification

Our Commitment to Quality Continues to Grow  Greenwell Farms knows that keeping the quality of Kona’s world famous coffee is important to ensure its sustainability...
Cupping Contest Creative Winner

Our Legacy |July 25, 2016

Greenwell Farms Honored As State’s Top Coffee

Photo credit: Kelleigh Stewart of Big Island Coffee RoastersL to r: Beth Hicks, Greenwell Farms; Howard Dicus, Hawaii News Now; Tom...
USA Today Ranks Greenwell Farms Top 10 Best Food Factory Tour

Our Legacy |October 13, 2015

Usa Today Ranks Greenwell Farms Top 10 Best Food Factory Tour

Bringing Serious Bragging Rights! Great news here on the farm. Greenwell Farms has been selected as one of the 10Best Food Factory Tours in the...
Greenwell Farms Captures Gold in Cream of the Crop People’s Choice

Our Legacy |April 2, 2015

Greenwell Farms Captures Gold In Cream Of The Crop People’s Choice

Greenwell Farms captured the hearts and tastebuds of attendees at Kona Coffee Council’s 2015 Cream of the Crop coffee and dessert tasting competition held recently...
Kona Coffee Trees in Hawaii

Behind the Cup |February 23, 2015

It’s A Great Time To Visit Greenwell Farms

With national weather attention focused on those cold, winter states, Greenwell Farms thought it would be a good time to talk about Kona Snow. It’s...
Greenwell Farms Kona Coffee

Behind the Cup |July 22, 2014

Coffee Pruning At Greenwell Farms - Trees Spring To Life Once Again

Greenwell Farms incorporates modern pruning techniques in its farming practices. Trees are completely stumped after their second year of full production giving them a full...
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