Our Legacy |June 24, 2022

A Lifetime Of Gratitude, Grit And Great 100% Kona Coffee 

Tom Greenwell Recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award 

Greenwell Farms CEO Tom Greenwell and fellow coffee pioneer David Gridley were honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards at The Hawaii Coffee Association’s 27th Annual Conference by Kaiali’i Kahele and the US House of Representatives. 

“You are vital to the economy of Hawaii. You are vital to preserving and protecting our rural Hawaii landscapes. You are a significant part of the mosaic that makes Hawaii so special. You have created a five-star coffee Hawaii coffee brand and allure that brings people from all over the world to Hawaii and here to Kona,” Kaiali’i Kahele shared as he handed Tom the award.  

Tom Greenwell Recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award

Coffee trailblazers of today and the past were commended at the event, including Tom’s great grandfather Henry Nicholas Greenwell, whose Kona Coffee submission was recognized at the 1873 Vienna World’s Fair. “In order to know where you want to go, it’s important to know where you come from and to know the history of Kona Coffee and who came before us,” Kaiali’i Kahele shared as he recognized the early Hawaii sectors who laid the foundation for the coffee industry today – from the first seedlings in Oahu in 1813, to coffee plantings as an economic generator and those that became the backbone of the Kona coffee industry in the mid-1930s. 

Thank you to our dedicated Greenwell Farms customers for purchasing our 100% Kona Coffee, bringing your loved ones to visit our farm and helping us carry on this legacy for our Greenwell family and the Hawaiian coffee community.

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