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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Want to show your mom how much you appreciate her, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! This Mother’s Day, whisk her away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and give her a few moments to savor the spirit of aloha. Treat mom to a Kona Coffee moment with a collection of gifts from Greenwell Farms. Our Greenwell Farms Mother’s Day Gift Guide will inspire you to select perfect presents for the women in your life who embody the meaning of ohana.

For the Strong Mom

Espresso Roast: If you’re searching for a coffee as strong as the recipient, look no further! Help her kick off her busy day with Greenwell Farms’ Espresso. This roast offers deep flavors with hints of dark chocolate and smoke–smooth enough to enjoy solo but robust enough to add to her favorite café drinks. For a breakdown of some of the many drinks you can create with espresso, read our Guide to The Café Drink Menu

For the Classic Mom

Full City Roast: She’s your go-to in times of need, the one who keeps you in check and the shoulder you can cry on. Your classic mom deserves coffee as timeless as she is. This is our most popular 100% Kona Coffee roast and it’s classic for a reason! Well-loved, balanced and just a little nutty, this roast makes a great gift for coffee lovers of every kind. 

Full City Roast

For the Bold Mom

Dark Roast: Every mom who proudly presents her bold side needs our farm-favorite Dark Roast. With notes of walnut, caramelized sugar and hints of baker’s chocolate, this Classic Series Roast lends the bold flavors of Kona to every cup of coffee.

Dark Roast

For the Woman Who Inspires

Jeni K Single-Origin Estate Coffee: This roast makes the perfect gift for the inspirational woman in your life. Mother of two and wife of Tom Greenwell, Jen, inspired this award-winning premier roast for which she lends her name. The rich and vibrant flavors are developed in the highest altitudes of the farm to create vibrant flavor notes of milk chocolate and tropical fruit. 

Jeni K

For the Mom Who Thrives on Change

Chameleon Roast: We all handle change a little bit differently, but if your mom switches up her coffee taste as often as Carl the chameleon changes his colors, give her a blend that matches her love of variety! Greenwell Farms’ Chameleon Roast takes equal portions Medium, Full City and Dark Roasts to create a one-of-a-kind combination that presents a slightly different ratio of 100% Kona Coffee every time you brew. 

Chameleon Blend Kona Coffee

For The Unique Lady in Your Life

Peaberry Coffee: If you are looking for something to give the coffee lover who craves the extra special things in life, this roast is a true rarity! While most coffee cherries produce two seeds, about 3-5% of the time, one of the seeds does not fertilize and results in only one seed. This delightful abnormality produces the treasured Peaberry. The Peaberry Roast tastes naturally sweet with notes of cherry and citrus fruit. This uncommon 100% Kona Coffee is as special as your mom. 

For the Woman Who’s Sweet

Single-Origin Estate Chocolate Bars: Whether she is sweet, loves sweets, or exudes a combination of both, Greenwell Farms’ Single-Origin Estate Chocolate Bars are ideal for those who appreciate quality chocolate. Harvested exclusively from five acres on property, every bar delivers a bright cacao presence with hints of cherry. We offer 80% Dark Chocolate and 50% Milk Chocolate varieties, so there is an option for every chocolate lover–including you!

Milk Chocolate Shavings

For The Mother Who’s a Tea Lover

Organic Hawaiian Honey: We have something for every caffeine drinker, even if your mom is more of a tea lover. Give her the flavors of Kona with Big Island Bees’ Lehua Blossom Organic Hawaiian Honey. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, the rich white honey produced on the Big Island will make a sweet addition to her morning cup of tea or toast. To make her tea last even longer, get her an AirScape Container that’s uniquely designed to pull air out of the canister keeping tea, coffee and dry goods fresh for longer.

Big Island Bees Honey

For The Mom Who Loves To Accessorize

Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop: Help her measure just the right amount of coffee to start her mornings right all year long! Our sleek, 12 gram (2 Tablespoons, 30ML) scoop is just right for a 6-7 ounce cup of coffee. Where is she going to put her 100% Kona Coffee? In our Logo Mug that reminds her of her trip to Greenwell Farms, of course!

Treat Her to a Kona Moment With an Immersive Experience

Once you’ve picked out a gift that’s perfectly suited for the mom or mother figure in your life, transform Mother’s Day into an immersive experience by creating a Hawaiian display to remind her of a dreamy getaway. 

Enjoying a Cup of Greenwell Farms Coffee Outside

Start the day with flowers reminiscent of an island vacation. Hawaiian flowers like orchids and anthurium are available at many grocery stores and can create a tropical scene in any location. Set up a centerpiece on her favorite place to sip Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee or sprinkle flowers throughout the house for an extra-special Kona moment!

Next, engage all of her senses with soothing sounds of the Big Island! Hook up the speakers and play your favorite sounds of Hawaii–we love this Vintage Hawaiian Magic playlist on Spotify. Pair her favorite 100% Kona Coffee and treats with souvenirs from the farm like a Greenwell Farms T-Shirt so she can experience Kona from the comfort of her home.  

We hope that our Greenwell Farms Mother’s Day Gift Guide helps you make your mom or mother figure feel special and pampered with a Kona Coffee moment. If you have any questions about our products, please reach out to us on social media or email us

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