Category: Coffee with Tom Greenwell

Pepper, Vanilla and Cacao

Coffee with Tom Greenwell |August 29, 2023

Episode 9: Pepper, Vanilla And Cacao

Guests on our tours are always so excited to learn that in addition to amazing coffee we also grow other things including peppercorn, vanilla and...
Update on Coffee Leaf Rust

Coffee with Tom Greenwell |August 2, 2023

Episode 8: Update On Coffee Leaf Rust Last season, coffee production in Kona was down by roughly 40% due to a fungus called Coffee Leaf Rust. Those that follow Kona coffee...
Coffee with Tom Greenwell: Building a Champion

Episode 7: Building A Champion We have lots to celebrate this month as we took the top spot in the Hawaii Coffee Association’s Annual cupping contest, First in Kona,...
Getting to Know Norman & Jean Greenwell

Episode 6: Getting To Know Jean Greenwell We often hear about Tom’s Dad as he was an icon in the Kona Coffee World, but his Mother was also a force. Jean...
Optical Sorting

Episode 5: Optical Sorting

This month, watch our conversation with Tom Greenwell as we discuss optical sorting at Greenwell Farms. This is the process of quality control for 100%...
Coffee Grading

Coffee with Tom Greenwell |April 6, 2023

Episode 4: The Ins And Outs Of Coffee Grading

Watch the previous episodes here Episode 1: Facing Future Episode 2: Talking About the Family Farm Episode 3: All About 100% Kona Coffee Grafting
100% Kona Coffee Grafting

Coffee with Tom Greenwell |March 7, 2023

Episode 3: All About 100% Kona Coffee Grafting

This month, we addressed a question from the audience! What is Coffee Grafting? Tom answers what it is, its benefits and all about the...
Norman and Tom

Coffee with Tom Greenwell |February 7, 2023

Episode 2: Talking About The Family Farm

Matt Carter: [00:00:05] Good morning, everybody. It's me again. I'm Matt, and I'm sitting here with Tom Greenwell, the CEO of Greenwell Farms. And...
Coffee with Tom

Coffee with Tom Greenwell |January 13, 2023

Episode 1: Facing Future

Watch the first episode of Coffee with Tom Greenwell - Facing Future. Watch our next episodes here: Episode 2: Talking About the Family Farm...
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