Coffee with Tom Greenwell |August 2, 2023

Episode 8: Update On Coffee Leaf Rust

Last season, coffee production in Kona was down by roughly 40% due to a fungus called Coffee Leaf Rust. Those that follow Kona coffee know that it was quite scary and for many a devastating year. Let’s let Tom Greenwell catch us up and see what we have learned in a year.

One thought on “Episode 8: Update on Coffee Leaf Rust

  1. Larry Fischer says:

    Tom, a great discussion about Coffee Leaf Rust—- and as a coffee club member who has bought over 100 lbs. of your coffee the last five years when I was on the island for two months each yea – plus having the coffee mailed to me at home here in Illinoisr, I am glad to hear that. I myself am retired from bing a director of a college agricultural program here in Illinois so I am very aware of cropping systems and essential management to maximize .profitability.
    Best wishes to you – and perhaps someday we will meet when I am over there for two months next winter. In fact, I might request a private tour of your coffee farm to hear the historical perspective. One of my three sons is on the management team at Four ‘Season Resort and he might also be very interested in taking the tour. Larry Fischer

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