The Art of Making Coffee |March 3, 2022

A Love Affair With The Hario V60

For over a year now we have collectively been on a quest to get the best from our coffee. We have reviewed a number of brewing methods including the French Press, the Moka Pot, the AeroPress and the Chemex but I would be remiss if I didn’t include my personal “go-to” anytime, anywhere extraction method. That is the Hario V60.

The name the V60 refers to the cone shape, (Like a “V”) and a 60º angle on the cone. Raised ridges allow for better airflow to prevent “air-lock”, with a large single aperture, and in 2-3 minutes (provided you are following good coffee practices) can have an amazing, nuanced cup of coffee. Compatible filters are also sold. Single-cup systems are $25-50 depending on size and material.

The Hario V60 comes in metal, ceramic, glass, and plastic. I use the ceramic version although many claim the copper version holds heat better. I think plastic would be for the coffee road warrior and the glass version for the high-end kitchen.

Pour-over systems are many and each has its own claim to fame, flat bottom, cone, small holes, large holes, etc. What I will tell you is that while I don’t know exactly why, in a non-scientific side by side comparison in my house of 4 various pour-over systems we had collected over the years, with all else being equal, the Hario V60 produced the best-flavored cup. No contest. I highly encourage you to do your own home research and see if you can notice the difference.

The Steps We Use

1. For a 320-ounce cup of coffee, use 20 grams of medium-fine coffee grounds.

2. Rinse the paper filter in the V60 before adding the grounds. I do this over the sink, some people like to rinse into the cup to warm it and then discard the water. Place the V60 on the cup.

3. Add grounds and first pour just enough (205º) water to wet all the grounds. This will create a bloom. Let it sit for 30 seconds.

4. In slow and small circles, add about double the water to the grounds and watch the white bubbles “de-gas” from the coffee.

5. Repeat step 4 two more times until your cup is near full.

That’s it. Simple and easy and you should have an amazing cup of coffee sitting before you. If you are making multiple cups, you will need a carafe, but the basic procedure is the same.

If you have used the Hario V60, leave a comment below with any tips or tricks you have developed in your own trials.

About the Author
Matt Carter is a retired teacher (1989-2018), a part-time musician, farmer, and currently manages Greenwell Farms Tour and Retail Store Operations.

One thought on “A Love Affair with the Hario V60

  1. Jim says:

    Thanks! Sorta knew this but knowledge is now complete. Cheers!

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