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Happy 2022! As the New Year begins, many of us take a moment to look back on the year that has passed and decide on a few priorities for the upcoming year. Enhancing our coffee knowledge is hopefully a goal we share.

As our readership continues to grow each month, we thought it would be helpful to have a list of the topics covered last year. This is a blog you can send to your coffee-loving friends that will give them access to all of the different angles we have covered.

So, whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting into the world of specialty coffee, we hope this provides easy access and answers to your coffee questions! Please use the comments section to give us your tips and ask for clarification on anything that doesn’t make sense.

Getting the Most From your 100% Kona Coffee
Coffee to Water Ratios

Extraction Methods
Mastering the Chemex
Getting the Most from your Moka Pot
The Perfect French Pressed Coffee
The Aeropress

Storage & Freshness
General Tips for Storing Your Coffee
Whole Bean vs. Ground

General Coffee Knowledge
A Guide to the Café Drink Menu
Coffee Trends
How Often Do I Need to Clean my Coffee Equipment?
Complexities of Caffeine in Coffee

We will update this blog as needed to include new topics that we cover and our intention is that you can use this as a portal to the information you seek.

Over the coming year, we will continue to dive deeper and deeper into the world of coffee and as always I encourage comments and questions to focus on the specific things on our reader’s minds.

About the Author
Matt Carter is a retired teacher (1989-2018), part-time musician, farmer, and currently manages Greenwell Farms Tour and Retail Store Operations.

3 thoughts on “The Coffee Knowledge Portal

  1. Karen Brol says:

    I will see you guys in 10 days

  2. Gary M Eschenbaum says:

    When will the next season of your Private Reserve be on sale?

  3. Suzanne Fong says:

    Dear Friends,
    Happy New Year! We visited your farm back in 2018 and began a subscription to your coffee club as soon as we returned home. What started out as a splurge has ended up being an everyday pleasure!! (I think we’re going to have to increase the frequency of our shipments…again!!) Just a suggestion for a possible topic in your newsletter…what to do with the used coffee grounds? I have been feeding my roses with the grounds, but are there other uses?

    Wishing your farm and staff a blessed New Year!

    The Fongs

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