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Wow Mom With These Mother’s Day Gifts

The word “mom” is a palindrome, meaning it’s the same forwards and backwards. When you flip it upside down, it becomes “wow,” a word that we at Greenwell Farms believe is extremely fitting for moms. We see moms and their children on our complimentary farm tours, excitedly pointing out tropical fruit and chameleons like they’re kids themselves. We fulfill orders for Coffee Club subscriptions gifted from mothers to their children to make their mornings better. We look at the legacy trees planted from the roots of Grandma Greenwell’s trees and think of what she did for our family farm all those years ago. With Mother’s Day coming up, you may be thinking of a way to express your gratitude, appreciation and immense love for the moms in your life and even those who are like a mom to you. Here are some gift ideas to say “Hau’oli La Makuahine” or, “Happy Mother’s Day.” 

Wow Mom with a Peaceful Morning 

You can’t keep rough mornings completely at bay for the moms in your life, but you can guarantee that at least one part of it goes smoothly and that’s with Greenwell Farms Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee. Described by customers as smooth, rich and absolutely delicious without any bitterness, brewing a cup of this roast and taking in the scent of it and the flavor is like a quick trip to the Big Island. And if “Island Time” isn’t on the schedule? “It even tastes good when I get distracted and come back to a cold cup,” customer Helen writes in her review of the brew. 

Wow Mom with Variety 

Keep mom’s morning fresh with a nuanced and varied cup of specialty coffee each morning. Our 100% Kona Coffee Sampler Pack includes three different roast levels of some of our most popular coffees, including our Medium, Full City and Dark roasts. As a fun activity together, you can also set up your own coffee tastings and see which notes you pull from each roast. To add to the experience, you can queue up Greenwell Farms’ virtual coffee tour video, led by Farm Tour and Retail Store Manager Matt Carter, to learn about how 100% Kona Coffee is grown from seed to cup. 

Greenwell Farms Coffee Roasts

Wow Mom with Chocolate

For the mom who loves chocolate, we have four irresistible options on our website! There are Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts, available in milk chocolate for those who love a creamier, smoother chocolate and also semi-sweet chocolate which delivers a darker and less sweet flavor with a heavier cocoa content. You can also opt for another Greenwell Farms’ favorite: Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. First, we take our fresh-roasted Peaberry coffee beans, which have feature notes of cherry and citrus fruit with a naturally sweet after taste and cover them in semi-sweet chocolate or white chocolate. Not only will the coffee beans give mom a boost of energy, they’re rich in antioxidants, too, so it’s an all-around win! 

Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

Wow Mom with a Mainland Must-Have 

Some moms are natural social butterflies, who love to host guests. Others would rather spend their time wrapped up in a good book or deeply engaged in a hobby. Greenwell Farms’ Private Reserve single origin estate coffee is perfect for either. Its elegant coffee taste contains notes of rich dark chocolate with a silky-smooth finish. It’s grown on a 35-acre patch in the center of our farm where 3 varieties of Arabica trees grow side by side to make a coffee like no other. Touted by many as the best Kona Coffee in existence, our Private Reserve is our flagship coffee and it’s guaranteed to wow mom… whether she chooses to share it among loved ones or save it for herself is up to her! 

Private Reserve Single Origin Estate Coffee

Wow Mom While She’s On The Go 

If you’re buying a Mother’s Day gift for someone who is a busy bee, we have two perfect items! Our Stainless Steel Travel Mug holds 16 fluid ounces, fits perfectly in car cup holders and keeps beverages cold or hot for hours with its vacuum insulation. No need to worry about spills with its spill-proof, lockable lid. Another benefit? It’s dishwasher safe! Pair this with a 100% Kona Coffee and you’ve got a gift that will be talked about and remembered for years. Of course, no car ride is complete without a snack. Our fresh-roasted, lightly salted Macadamia Nuts are easy to eat on the go and provide necessary nutrients, including healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.  

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Wow Mom with Organic Honey 

From toast to tea and morning meals to marinades, honey’s versatility and long shelf life make it a thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed for years to come (if it doesn’t get eaten first!). Our selection of unique Organic Hawaiian Honey includes Wilelaiki Blossom, Macadamia Nut Blossom and Lehua Blossom. This fine, pure honey is a sweet gift from the heart of the Big Island, where a happy, healthy bee population thrives. 

Organic Hawaiian Honey

Wow Mom with a Tea-Like Coffee 

For the mom who loves a good afternoon tea, our Peaberry Roast is a great option to toss in the mix. With its bright acidity and notes of cherry and citrus fruit, followed by a sweet after taste, many first-time drinkers compare this medium dark roast to a high-quality tea. What gives this coffee its unique flavor and acclaim is the rarity in how it’s formed. Two seed halves typically occupy the inside of a coffee cherry, about three to five percent of the time, one of those seed halves doesn’t fertilize and instead, we’re left with a single oval seed known as Peaberry. Gifting this is like giving a rare treasure! 


Wow Mom with a Mom-Sized Mug 

It’s easy to accumulate cute and dainty coffee mugs over the years, because they have sweet phrases or they make us laugh. Oftentimes, we reach past these and opt for our favorite mug that feels just right in our hand because of the weight of it, feel of it or its size. The Greenwell Farms mug is one of those. It holds a generous 20-ounce pour, feels solid in the hand with its diner style shape and accommodating handle, and keeps coffee warm with its thick walled ceramic. If you’ve been to Greenwell Farms together, this mug serves as a sentimental reminder, as well as an all-around great coffee mug. 

Greenwell Farms Coffee Mug Between Flowers

Wow Mom with a New Brew 

If you know a mom that thrives on good coffee, we’ve got just the roast to delight her palate. Our High Mountain Harvest is one of our newest roasts, gathered from five unique tree varieties at the highest elevation of our farm. After mixing these five varieties and carefully ensuring they’re heated to reach a delicate Medium Roast, subtle characteristics of the terroir are revealed. A coffee connoisseur’s dream, see if they can pick up on the delicate notes of honey and pear. 

High Mountain Harvest

Wow Mom without the Caffeine 

Many moms run on caffeine, others avoid it for health or personal reasons. If your mom loves the taste of coffee but is cutting back on the caffeine, our Decaffeinated Full City Roast delivers the experience of 100% Kona Coffee without the buzz. As coffee lovers, we truly believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for decaf coffee and while, unfortunately, that is often the case it is not at Greenwell Farms. We’re proud to say that many of our customers rave about our Decaf Full City Roast and robust Decaf Dark Roast as being the best coffees they’ve ever had. We also have a blog about how coffee is decaffeinated to give you more background into the process, as well!  


Whether you’re reminiscing on a trip to the Big Island together or sharing Hawaiian treats from the heart of the Big Island this Mother’s Day, we appreciate you supporting Greenwell Farms and wish you the best Mother’s Day. Throughout our years on the farm, experimenting with different roasts we have found that one of the biggest joys of our 100% Kona Coffee is the conversations shared over each cup. From our family to yours, Happy Mother’s Day! 


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