Live Aloha |August 3, 2021

What You May Not Know About Hawaii Statehood Day

Happy Summer! The tourists have returned to Hawaii in droves and we are seeing record numbers of visitors this summer.

We are appreciative to see new faces and old friends back in Hawaii and here on the farm. Some semblance of normal life has returned and people are friendly, happy to be outside, happy to sip 100% Kona Coffee and ecstatic to be in paradise.

As we glide into August, our children are heading back to school and the first Holiday they will get here in Hawaii comes on the third Friday of August and we call it Statehood Day. When I was young, they referred to it as Admissions Day, but it is a celebration of Hawaii becoming the 50th State of the Union.

I had originally planned to give you a brief synopsis of what the day means, but in my research, I came across a beautiful summary, with pictures and a delicately interwoven timeline, and decided that I would share the link rather than re-write perfection.

Please read this beautiful summary about Hawaii’s path to statehood and then come back for a few comments.

Each state has its own unique culture, Hawaii’s history within America is very different. The way we revere nature, the way we prioritize life, the customs and celebrations throughout the year, the people we respect and our cultural expectations differ vastly.

While all people in Hawaii are not a united front, and while there is still debate here in the islands as to how best to move forward, you will find a palpable spirit that infuses life here. This spirit flows from both the physical land, the people and culture who have called these islands their home for so long.

It means the world to the people who live here when visitors take the time to read up on Hawaii’s past, understand the cultural perspective and treat the island (the land, the ocean, the people) with love and respect.

Please add to your list of things to do in Hawaii, to read up a bit on its culture and history. The sunsets are magical, the air is fresh, the cocktails and the Kona Coffee are certainly amazing, but there is a deeper and more complex landscape that will require a bit of effort on the part of the visitor to discover.

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