Product Spotlight |February 21, 2019

Learn About Greenwell Farms’ Specialty Coffees

At Greenwell Farms, our coffees are rich in depth, flavor and history. Chameleon, Jeni K, Mamo and Onouli all have their own unique story to tell. Each story complements their enticing flavors and aromas perfectly. Keep reading to learn about a few of our favorites.

Chameleon Blend Coffee

Chameleon Blend Coffee is named after the local chameleons who’ve made Greenwell Farms’ orange trees their home. The unique blend combines our 3 most popular Classic Kona Coffees: Medium Roast, Full City Roast and Dark Roast. Medium Roast is a light roast, rich with fruity flavors and lively acidity. Full City Roast is savory-sweet with a silky-smooth body and saturated with flavor. Dark Roast has a robust flavor that is still incredibly smooth. Together, these 100 percent Kona Coffee beans create our award-winning Chameleon Blend.

Jeni K Premier Roast Coffee

Jeni K Premier Roast Coffee was created in honor of the Greenwell family heritage. This 100% Kona Coffee comes from the highest quality trees found on the Greenwell family-owned Konawaena Estate in Kealakekua, Kona. It is only available in limited quantities at specific times of the year due to the tree’s particular growing environment. The unique location where this coffee cherry grows, more than 2,000 feet above sea level, allows for the infusion of tantalizing flavors such as tropical fruit, vanilla and chocolate. Available in Full City and Dark Roast, Jeni K 100 percent Kona Coffee offers a unique taste experience unlike any other.

Mamo Premier Roast Coffee

In 2009, Tom Greenwell, owner of Greenwell Farms, planted 20 hybrid varieties of coffee to see which would have the greatest quality, health and yield. Mamo is the victor of this experiment. The Mamo coffee hybrid took over 20 years to develop and originates from two Arabica coffees: Maragogype and Mokka. Mamo includes notes of cacao, spice, raisin, cherry and blackberry. It is acclaimed by coffee connoisseurs worldwide for its exquisite taste, aroma and cupping quality. Try the unique and exotic Mamo, a 100% Kona coffee hybrid exclusive to Greenwell Farms.

Onouli Estate Coffee

Our award-winning Onouli Coffee is grown and harvested on a nine-acre coffee and macadamia nut farm. The hundred-year-old trees that yield the Onouli Coffee Cherry originally produced coffee for Henry Nicholas Greenwell, the founder of Greenwell Farms. Onouli Estate Coffee is a medium-dark roast with a bright smooth taste. Greenwell’s in-house licensed Q-grader describes the finish as “elegant with dark chocolate and natural sweetness.” Onouli’s unique history and delicious flavor has earned many awards:

  • Grand Champion of the Hawaii Coffee Association’s first statewide cupping competition in 2009
  • First place as the “People’s Choice” in the 2013 Cream of the Crop cupping competition
  • Chef’s choice in the annual 2013 Cream of the Crop cupping competition.

Greenwell Farms’ specialty 100% Kona Coffees offer something for every coffee connoisseur. Click here to shop the full collection of Greenwell Farms’ Specialty & Estate Kona Coffees and other varieties of 100% Kona Coffees.

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