Product Spotlight |September 20, 2013

Exclusive 100% Kona Coffees Offered This Fall

Jeni K – Greenwell Farms Signature Series

Jeni K Kona CoffeeJeni K is the premiere roast of the Greenwell Farms Signature Series, created in honor of the Greenwell family heritage. Grown on the Greenwell family-owned Konawaena Estate, Jeni K 100% Kona Coffee is carefully selected from the highest quality trees in perfect climate conditions. This coffee offers a unique taste experience with notes of passion fruit, giving it a natural tropical fruit sweetness. The well- structured body is sparkling clean and finishes with a hint of vanilla and chocolate. Due to unique locations and estate sizes, the Signature Series coffees will be offered in limited quantities and only during certain times of the year. Experience your cup of Jeni K 100% Kona Coffee while supplies last. Jeni K is available in full-city roast and dark roast.

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Autumn Harvest Exclusive Flavored Coffee

Autumn Harvest Kona CoffeeAs the air begins to cool and the seasons change from hot summer days to crisp cool evenings, what better way is there to transition from summer to fall than with a cup of 100% Kona Coffee Autumn Harvest? It is a delicate touch of Pumpkin pie spices: cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg, infused into Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee full-city roast. It is America’s traditional sweet dessert, found in a cup of Greenwell coffee without the crust! Just as the pumpkin is a symbol of harvesting, Greenwell Farms Autumn Harvest coffee is a symbol of the Kona coffee harvest. The harvest evokes images reminiscent of gathering with friends and family during the holidays accompanied by enjoying food, company, and of course…a great cup of Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee, enhanced with pumpkin spice flavoring. For a truly indulgent experience, add cream, sugar and top with a whirl of whipped cream. Kick-off your holiday season and enjoy it throughout. Autumn Harvest will be made available until December 31st.

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Exclusive Onouli Coffee

Onouli Kona CoffeeOnouli Coffee (OH-NO-LEE) is grown and harvested on a nine-acre coffee and macadamia nut farm located in South Kona, just beyond Greenwell Farms on Hwy. 11. This award-winning coffee comes from hundred-year-old trees, some of which originally produced coffee for Henry Nicholas Greenwell in the late 1800s. Today, part of the extended Greenwell family continues to own the Onouli Farm Estate. Under the careful management of Greenwell Farms, Onouli Coffee won the Hawaii Coffee Association’s first statewide cupping competition in 2009, earning the title of Grand Champion, and consistently winning similar awards since. The most recent was being awarded first place as the “People’s Choice” in the annual 2013 Cream of the Crop cupping competition held at Four Seasons Hualalai Resort at Kaupulehu on the Big Island. It was also selected as the Chef’s choice. Visitors who have sampled Onouli coffee have described it as very smooth with rich dark flavor. Our Greenwell Farms in-house licensed Q-grader, commented on this year’s Onouli crop, “as having a very elegant finish with dark chocolate and natural sweetness”, proclaiming it as just DELICIOUS! Experience your cup of Onouli 100% Kona Coffee while supplies last.

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