Our Legacy |October 4, 2013

Greenwell Farms Celebrates Family Ties To Kona Coffee Living History Farm

Kona Coffee Living History Farm
It’s exciting to know that Greenwell Farms family ties to Kona’s history continues through the centennial celebration of the Kona Coffee Living History Farm.

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The seven-acre farm tells the story of Kona coffee pioneers. Interpreters in costumes demonstrate life on the farm from 1920 to 1935, West Hawaii Today reported.

The farm was started by a Japanese immigrant, Daisaku Uchida, said Kuulani Auld, program director for the Kona Historical Society. In 1913, he leased land for the coffee farm in South Kona from E.C. Greenwell and later the Arthur Greenwell family.

E.C. or better known as Elizabeth Caroline Greenwell is the great grandmother of Tom and Beth (brother and sister) Greenwell. Now fourth-generation farmers, Tom and his ohana (family) cultivate this same farmland employing modern farming practices, delivering the highest quality Hawaiian coffee to cups around the world. Click here to find out how to buy Kona Coffee.

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