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Unexpected Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

Hawaiian coffee groundsPeople love Greenwell Farms coffee for many reasons – its rich flavor, its comforting warmth and, of course, its uplifting effects. However, few know about Kona Coffee’s ability to support a healthier, more environmentally-friendly planet. The secret lies in an ingredient that typically finds its way into the garbage bin before it can be put to good use: coffee grounds! That’s right, those tiny granules can actually make a big impact on global sustainability (and your daily routine). Here are a few unexpected ways you can use coffee grounds to minimize carbon footprint and make life a little more convenient.

1. Composting

Composting is one of the most sustainable ways to use coffee grounds. This is the process of recycling organic matter into soil conditioner. When you compost, you minimize food waste and support the plant life growing in your garden! Composting requires equal parts of green material (grass clippings and fruit scraps), brown material (branches and dead leaves) and water. When you find the perfect combination, your compost pile will help the soil retain moisture, avoid pests and produce nutrients for healthier plant growth. Coffee grounds fall under the “green material” category and they play a crucial role in composting. Adding coffee grounds gives the foliage a “jolt” of energy, boosting nitrogen levels and promoting the growth of good bacteria for faster compost production.

2. Repelling Bugs

Next time you go camping, consider bringing coffee grounds in your backpack! The scent of coffee grounds is loathed by bugs, especially mosquitoes, ants and slugs. This makes coffee grounds a great, chemical-free repellent. To create a pest-free zone, leave the coffee grounds in an open container to dry for about a month. Then, sprinkle the coffee grounds in sources of standing water to ward off any bugs who might call them home. Brewed coffee can also be sprayed on any plants to keep pests away. If you have dogs at home, coffee grounds can be used as a flea remover to ensure your pup stays healthy and happy.

3. Skin Exfoliant

For refreshed, silky smooth skin, try using coffee grounds as an eco-friendly exfoliant! Because coffee grounds are naturally coarse, they slough away dirt and debris, leaving the skin rejuvenated and glowing. Coffee grounds are also completely biodegradable, so they are safe for sinks and showers. There are a variety of coffee-based body scrub recipes out there, but we’re partial to this one, which uses brown sugar, honey, olive oil and vanilla extract. To add some extra aloha to your body scrub, try using organic Hawaiian honey, Hawaiian turbinado sugar and a touch of plumeria oil, extracted from one of Hawaii’s most beautiful and fragrant native flowers.

4. Fridge Deodorizer

If you think coffee grounds don’t belong in the kitchen, think again! One of coffee’s most unexpected properties is its ability to absorb unpleasant odors. This makes it an excellent natural deodorizer for the refrigerator. Coffee grounds get this superpower from its high concentration of nitrogen, which pulls sulfur from the air in a process called “absorption.” Plus, transforming your coffee grounds into a natural deodorizer is easy – simply pour the coffee grounds into a bowl, place it in your fridge and notice the difference in as little as 24 hours.

5. Antioxidant-Rich Facial

Treat yourself to a personal spa day by creating a facial mask with your leftover Kona Coffee grounds! Rich in antioxidants, coffee face masks are known to prevent wrinkles, protect against harmful free radicals and calm irritation. Caffeine also gives the skin a wake-up call by tightening, depuffing and brightening any dull areas. To create your facemask, all you have to do is combine a teaspoon of coffee grounds with a teaspoon of any nourishing oil, such as coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Once you have a thick paste, apply the mixture to your face, avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth. Let the mask sit for approximately 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Pat dry with a washcloth and experience all the benefits of your all-natural, antioxidant face mask!

Next time you make a pot of Kona Coffee, remember to hang on to the coffee grounds. These multipurpose granules offer an abundance of benefits that make life more convenient all while saving the planet. To learn more about Greenwell Farms coffee, click here.

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