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Five Must-do Activities In Kona Hawaii

Hawaii Island is the largest of the 8 main islands that comprise the state of Hawaii. Often referred to as the Big Island (because all the other islands would fit inside of it), it is the first island found by Polynesians, the birthplace of Kamehameha and rich with the history and culture of the Hawaiian people. The West side of the Big Island is called the Kona Coast and is loved by visitors and residents alike for its warm days, clear blue oceans and magical sunsets. If you are planning a trip to Kona, keep reading for our list of MUST DO activities.

1) Explore a Farmer’s Market

Getting to know a place more intimately requires talking to the locals. There is no better place to have those island moments than cruising a Farmer’s Market! Not only can you explore a bounty of island-grown products, but you can chat with a host of characters from farmers to artisans to beekeepers. These locals are more than happy to share their passion for how they sustain themselves in paradise. No matter where on the island you are a Farmer’s Market is near, from the Hilo Farmers Market to Waimea, Kona, Keauhou and the Captain Cook Pure Green Market.

2) Attend a Luau

In Hawaii, a Luau is a celebration. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, a milestone or just celebrating being alive and in Hawaii, a Luau is an experience you don’t want to miss. Celebrations can include a traditional lei greeting, games and crafts, the unveiling of the Pig and lavish buffet dinner followed by a thrilling showcase of the dances and music of Polynesia. All ages will consider it a highlight of their time in the islands. There are many to choose from and they are not all the same. Personally, we love the Royal Kona Luau, but wherever you decide to go…you must go!

3) Have an Adventure

The Big Island and adventure are synonymous! You can hike an active volcano, cycle mountain roads, watch shooting stars from the top of Mauna Kea, snorkel clear blue waters filled with turtles, dolphins and mantas, ride horses in Waipio, or zipline across a waterfall in the lush rainforest. Many great companies offer fully guided adventures with all the gear and trimmings. You can also set out on your own! Young or old, couples or families, first-timers or repeaters, get outside and explore the pristine nature that makes Hawaii so unique. You will thank us later.

4) Find your Beach

A trip to Hawaii isn’t complete without a Beach Day. Do you prefer to relax in the sun on a gorgeous white sand beach like Hapuna? Or go off the beaten path and try to find the Green Sand Beach? (Yes, it’s really green!) Maybe you’d prefer to lounge around with giant sea turtles on Punalu’u Beach a.k.a The Black Sand Beach. Surfing at Kahalu’u? Kite Surfing Kiholo? Sunset picnic at Magic Sands? No matter what you prefer, Hawaii has a beach for it. Discovering the myriad and multi-colored seaside sanctuaries will surely stay with you for a lifetime.

5) Visit a Kona Coffee Farm

Kona Coffee is world-famous and since you’re in Kona, you must visit a Kona Coffee Farm. Over 5 billion people a day wake up to a cup of coffee, but few ever get to see the behind-the-scenes effort it takes to bring that coffee to the world. Greenwell Farms in Kealakekua offers free tours of their farm everyday between 8:30AM and 4PM. You will learn the history, farming, the processing of coffee and sample a variety of 100% Kona Coffees. Enjoy farm-fresh produce, a selection of island goods in the gift shop and maybe even spot a chameleon in one of the trees. Even if you are not a fan of coffee this tour is a MUST. Established in 1850, Greenwell Farms has a long and fascinating history but still remains a true 5th generation family farm.

Kona, Hawaii is one of those destinations that can satisfy everyone’s island fantasies. It is a true paradise rich in culture, amazing scenery and new experiences that will truly allow you to touch what the locals call the “Aloha Spirit.” The fruits are large and juicy, the Kona Coffee is smooth and aromatic and sunsets are unrivaled anywhere in the world. Whatever you are looking for, Kona has it. We can’t wait for you to experience it!

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